Program Versions

The following versions of the SPORT software have been delivered:

6.28 (11. March 2023)

  • New online monitoring to observe the tournament online via Internet (see Turnier Viewer).

Fixed bug:

  • Players became blocked when the draw of a swiss ladder tournament was manually changed.
  • Export of disciplines aborted when the discipline name contained special characters.

6.27 (28. December 2021)

  • When the tournament get stored, automatically an xml-file gets saved.

6.26 (01. July 2020)

  • Round Robin: The direct comparison can be used ad criterium for the ranking.
  • Super-Melee: Improved drawing mode, reduces the number of mathches WITH and AGAINST the same players.
  • Dart: In the ranking list, the number of matches is shown for all players, for which the discipline is finished.
  • Steel-Dart: Seeding in Steel-Dart can be done following the Steel-Dart specific rules.
  • Export: The export in XML format is possible for running disciplines. Hereby the player's gender and birthdates get exported.
  • Matchplan: can cyclic be sorted by the magnifying glass: sort by mathch time, court number or match number.

Fixed Bug:

  • End of a discipline: After the last match is finished, the discipline gets marked as finished and shown with grey background color.

6.25 (06. September 2015)

  • Dart: Matches can now be played over all games. This allows to organise team events.
  • Referee Forms: User defined forms can contain the players license numbers with the [PASSXY] item.
  • Printer Color: It can be selected between color and black&white printers. e.g. to print the referee forms on monochrome laser printers.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Player Import: Duplicate license numbers cannot be imported any more.
  • Clubs: The remarks are now displayed in the club table.

6.24 (25. May 2015)

  • Table tennis: Click-TT interface adapted to new version.
  • Dart: Renaming: Game/Leg instead of Set/Point.
  • Help: Help files in chm format.
  • Import/Export: The csv interface has been translated from German to English. Thus, the column headers must be translated.

Fixed bug:

  • KO System: Last seed position could not be used.

6.23 (20. Februar 2015)

  • Table Tennis: Click-TT interface exports events.
  • Monitor: During automatic view scroll, elimination trees are shown page by page.
  • Swiss Ladder System: Entries with a bye get a bonus also for the FBHN, namely the smallest BHZ of all entries (in analogy to the BHN).
  • Round Robin: In the final ranking the entries with the same points, sets and points are ordered by a separate ranking, incorporating only the matches between them.
  • Matchlist: The running matches are ordered by their court numbers.
  • Matchlist: Matches, waiting for more than one hour, are marked red.
  • Entry-list: Remarks/TTR are shown.
  • Dart: Points were renamed to Legs.
  • Dart: Optional all legs of a set can be played.

6.22 (18. March 2013)

  • Dart: Doble knock out scheme of the DSAB is supported.
  • KO/Roud Robin: Seeding positions of the entries get displayed.
  • Round Robin: Difference of points/sets/matches is shown when the are used to compute the ranking.



Fixed bug: (24. March 2013)

  • Referee forms: User defined forms can be colored with [C]COLORED TEXT[/C].

6.21 (06. August 2011)

  • XML-Export: Byes will be generated with the list of matches.
  • Swiss ladder system: An unseeded (!) player of the lowest poolgets the bye.
  • Courts:: Up to 200 courts can be displayed.


Fixed bugs:

  • Scanner: When entering mixed entries with the scanner now the correct sex will be checked.
  • Final ranking: In final rankings the quotients has always been 0:0 in swiss ladder, round- and melee-system.
  • Entry fees: Bug fixed in entering fees.

6.20 (26. November 2009)

  • Round Robin: The order of the players of one group can manually be changed after the draw.
  • KO-System

    - Seed positions into the plan are verified before the draw.

    - Loser rounds in double KO are marked with a minus sign.

  • Melee-System: It is only possible to draw one round in advance.
  • Scanner

    - It is possible to enter entries by a barcode reader.

    - Winners (or losers) can be entered by a barcode reader. Players just have to show their id card.

  • Matchlist: Matches of one round get sorted by their waiting time.
  • Courts: 200 courts can now be displayed.
  • Events get individual colors, in the matchlist and in the printed referee forms.
  • Ranking: The pass number is now shown in the rankings.
  • Referee forms

    - The round-/group-number gets printed with the event.

    - User defined referee forms can color items with [C]xxx[/C].

  • Fee lists can now be displayed by events.
  • Import/Export

    - Export functions write csv-files (comma separated values).

    - Import/Export of entries now contain the seed position.

  • Print setup: SPORT always prints on the standard system printer. The paper orientation (portrait/landscape) can be selected per view.
  • Table tennis

    - Seeding is done by ITTF regulations

    - Won matches are counted as 2:1, walkovers as 2:0

  • - In round robin the ITTF sort criteria are used an cannot be changed manually.

  • Volleyball: Sets to 21 are supported.

Fixed bugs:

  • Import

    - When clubs get imported, they will not be replicated any more.

    - Imported players come into the fee lists.

  • Export: Export of certificates us the actual separator.
  • Result: In Remis-spors (Billard, Dart, Kicker) an empty result followed by CsrUp/CsrDown could result in a 0:0 result.

6.19 (18. April 2009)

  • Squash: New rules: sets to 11 points.
  • Referee Forms: In user defined referee forms lines can be printed bold when they start with [b].
  • Round Robin System: Home and guest matches alternate in the standard match order.
  • Player status: The status of players can be changed in the standard player view.
  • Entries: The club gets pre-initialised when the same club gets selected in two consecutive entries.

Fixed bugs:

  • Elimination-system: In the ranking the quotients were not calculated for players with the same number of points.
  • Monitor: The actual screen disappeared at an update.

6.18 (03. February 2009)

6.18 (03. February 2009)

Fixed bugs:

  • Entries: Importiert did not work for more than one player per entry.
  • Round Robin
    - The page header is set right when printing all groups.
    - After adding new entries to a group the list of matches get re-numbered and re-sorted.
    - The schedule shows now the second round.
  • Match results: Partitial set results can now be deleted.

6.17 (15. June 2008)

  • Entries: Export and Import of entries is possible.
  • Court display: Number of courts increased to 100.
  • Dart: Computation of the ranking evaluates the Buchholz Number (BHN) after the point results.

Fixed bugs:

  • Seeding: The seeding positions do not change any more after an entry gets deleted, when the seeding is done to plan positions.
  • Ranking: In the detail level (magnifying glass) the matches of the actual round get displayed for swiss ladder system, round system and Super Melee.

6.16 (26. March 2008)

  • Swiss Ladder System, Round System, Super-Melee: In the list of matches the results of all rounds can be displayed.
  • Swiss Ladder System, Round System, Super-Melee: In the ranking all rounds can be displayed in the first level of detail (magnifying glass).
  • Badminton: New matches to 21 points is default now.
  • Foossball / Table soccer / Kicker: Matches to 5 points allow setting up to 8 points.

6.15 (7. Mai 2006)

Fixed bug:

Swiss ladder system: In the computation of a draw of a new round, the program could trap into an endless loop.

6.14 (8. April 2006)

Billard: Tie results are accepted now.
Export: (CR+LF) as line delimiter.

Fixed bugs:

KO-Systems: After deleting a running match the players remained active and the court occupied.
Swiss ladder system: Exactly one tie in the first round resulted in an endless loop when the second round was computed.
Badminton: In the new 21-point rule, a 21:20 result had been accepted.
html export: Storing rankings could result in a program abort.

6.13 (4. December 2005)

Badminton: New 21 point system. Setting: 2 points in advance, at a maximum to 30 points.
Super Mêlée: Improved drawing, such that two players have not to play with each other more than once.

6.12 (21. October 2005)

Player Status: The status of a player can be changed manually in the list of players when the level of detail is set to 1.

Fixed bug:

Adding Entries: The problem with the selection of genders is fixed.

6.11 (17. September 2005)

Backup files: The SPORT software saves the last 9 states in different backup files, named as tournament.bak.1.spo
Foosball: Sets to 11 points are possible now.
Table tennis: Short set-results (e.g. 3:1) are supported
Table tennis: The ranking criteria of the elimination system are not changeable any more. The software implements the official rules, which apply the direct comparison for players having the same difference in matches and sets.

Fixed bugs:

Blocked players: When a new elimination event was started, active players have called a second time.
Enter match results: Invalid sets after the last set get deleted now automatically.
Swiss ladder system: After adding new entries and a re-draw of the actual round, the new draw is now automatically and immediately saved to disk.

6.10 (30. April 1005)

Paddleball / Platea Fronton as new sporting discipline.
Table tennis: In round robin mode, the direct comparison is used for players with equal difference in matches and sets.
Import / Export: The separator symbol for exchange files can be specified in the options.

Fixed bug:

Super Melee: The software aborted in the ranking computation after an entry has been changed.

6.9 (9. March 2005)

No display of breaks which are longer than a day.

Fixed Bug:

Round System: A draw of the first round was not possible.

6.8 (16. February 2005)

Fixed bugs:

Super Melee: Finishing a round resulted in an endless loop when the following round has been started manualy before.
Swiss Ladder System: Result corrections after the end of an event re-computate the final ranking.

6.7.1 (7. February 2005)

Fixed bug:

User defined referee forms: The user defined referee form was printed only once. The compact format was used for the second and all following forms.

6.7 (5. February 2005)

Referee forms:
New standard referee forms
Updated user forms are used immediately
Melee: The tournament manager can decide, if a new player shall start in the actual or in the following round

Fixed bugs:

Elimination-system: the tree showed only the first player
Deletion of active players didn't release their blocking
Birthdates have not been imported with the players
Starting a new tournament did not clear the active matches (program aborts followed)
Swiss Ladder System: When the drawing process was canelled (during determination of the bye player) the software aborted
Table tennis: Transfering entries from a round robin event computed a wrong global ranking.

6.6 (15. Juli 2004)

Fixed bug:

Double elimination: SPORT aborted when two byes play against each other.

6.5 (11. Juli 2004)

Foosball: Matchs for 6 points allowed.
Teamsports: Entering teams is speeded up.
XML Match results are generated as separate items.

Fixed bugs:

Delete entries: Deleting entries in elimination charts could result in a program abort.

6.4 (07. July 2004)

Dart: Remis is valid in matches over one set.

Fixed bugs:

Foosball: Matches with more than one set accepted remid results.
Court list: After re-sort of matches disturbed the court numbers.
Referee forms: User defined referee forms are stored in the installation directory.

6.3 (6. Mai 2004)

Swiss Ladder System: Progressive / Cumulative as tie-breaker for players with the same number of points.
- In double elimination the losers cross to the loser side by the regulations of the Britisch Foosball Association (BFA)
- Sets can also go for 7 or 9 points.
Table tennis: In round robin the ranking of players with the same number of points is done by a sub-ranking, where only the direct matches between these players are taken into account.

Fixed bugs:

The file can now be saved after a result has been corrected.
Dart: In double elimination the losers of a 64 player chart cross to the losers side according to the Merkur System.

6.2 (7 April 2004)

Duplicate Pseudonyms and Pass Ids are not longer allowed
Spanish and Netherlands version

Fixed bugs:

Printing referee forms came up only with the first page
Bug fixed when entering new referee format
Players could be assigned as referee more than one time
Swiss Ladder System: when the draw gets repeated, the courts have not been freed.

6.1 (16. März 2004)

English version

Fixed bugs:

Double-click on *.SPO files opens them with SPORT
Round robin system: sometimes only the first set has been displayed



6.0 (10. March 2004)

Support of Windows XP
Referee management: professional referees or losers referee the following match
New fields for first name, id and birth date; enabling printing of better certificates
- More detailled status: ready, active, referee, absent or inactive
- Quick entering of entries by IDs
Better overview by separation of the name by a prefix ("FC Bayern") + name ("Munich"). Alphabetic sort by town names
Blocked players are marked grey
Fees per event
- Receipes can be printed via MS-Word by export of clubs (containing the fees)
Referee forms
Individual referee forms definable in new editor
- Display of semi-final, final and ranking match
A second printer can be connected (to print referee forms)
A second storage device is supported; e.g. for monitor access or storing to a second disk
- Distribution of a tournament to more than one PC by event Export and Import
- A logfile "sport.log" lists all imported data
- Import of players/clubs/referees accept arbitrary order of the table columns
- Saving of the whole tournament as XML file. This allows processing of the match results by other programs, e.g. ranking systems
Round Robin system
Printing all groups to a single side
- Matches show the round number
Drawing of future rounds possible
Round system
Number of rounds can be changed during a running event
Swiss ladder system
Draw of the following round is possible also when the actual round is not finished
support in the Petanque version with up to 4 players per team
Printing of official DBV referee forms
Up to 4 players per team
Foossball / Table soccer / Kicker
Up to 4 players per team
- Accept tie results

Fixed bugs:

Copy/Paste works now
Invalid results are accepted
Title dissapeared when printing with a large font
The order of matches in the round-robin system can be changed now
The status of the courts is set when reading a tournament
SPORT keeps track of the order of events and clubs
Table tennis: alle results with a difference of 2 points have been accepted