Installation Instruction
Installation from the Internet

To install the SPORT software from the Internet proceed by the following steps:

  1. Deinstall all predecessor versions of the SPORT Software

  2. Download the installation software to your local disk.

  3. Execute the file once to install the SPORT software on your PC.
    For this you need administrator rights because SPORT registers itself in the Registry and adds an entry to the Start button.

Now you can use the SPORT software by "Start + Programs + SPORT + SPORT":

  • In the entry menu you should select the desired language and sporting discipline.
  • When calling SPORT for the first time, you get asked for your preferred language and sporting discipline. Then you can enter your individual license key.
  • Without such a key, SPORT runs for 30 minutes in the demo mode, where tournaments cannot be printed and saved to disk.

When you use the SPORT software for the first time, we recommend to read the tutorial or overview page of the online help system (? + SPORT Help) in order to understand the basic concept.

Problems with the online help

Under Windows versions Vista, 7 and 8 problems can occur when calling the online help. This is due to the fact that Microsoft stopped to deliver the program "winhlp32.exe", which is necessary to show "*.hlp"-files, as standard component of their operating systems.


At the following links you can get this program for free:

   Windows 8.1: Microsoft Download Page

   Windows 8: Microsoft Download Page

   Windows 7: Microsoft Download Page

   Windows Vista: Microsoft Download Page


Anyhow, you can view the manual in the SPORT installation directory as pdf document "manual.pdf".